• Let us know how we can best help you get information about Tuition Break to your students.
    We would be happy to provide information sessions through videoconference with school counselors, your students and families.
  • Please feel free to contact us at  tuitionbreak@nebhe.org or call 857-284-4879.

PowerPoint Slide Presentation on Tuition Break

Please feel free to use any or all of these slides in your presentations to students and families. (updated March 2021)

NEBHE Tuition Break Slides.pptx

NEBHE Tuition Break Slides.pdf

Curious to see where students were enrolled through the Tuition Break in 2020-21?

View the 2020-21 Annual Report, which provides enrollment details by program, institution and state.

View Highlights of Participation by State: popular programs and colleges where students enrolled, how much students saved on tuition, etc.

How to Access Financial Aid and Lower Your College Costs

An overview of financial aid and NEBHE’s Tuition Break program

Click here to view and download in PDF format: Presentation for the Fall 2020 NEACAC Virtual College Fairs , provided by Jessica Whittier, Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) and Wendy Lindsay, NEBHE.

Transfer Opportunities: Learn more about NEBHE’s Transfer Initiatives.

Update on Print Materials
Our office in Boston has been closed because of COVID-19, and we are working remotely. We have not printed new materials since Fall 2019. Information is available on our website. Click on a state in the sidebar to view lists of programs for residents of that state.

Tuition Break informational flyer

College Planning Resources

Financial Aid Resources

Tuition Break En Español!

NEBHE has been tracking information about New England colleges and universities pertaining to the coronavirus which is displayed on this interactive map.

The National Association for College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) provides status updates for their member institutions nationally.